Secret Paths of Sahyadri

” With every ride I explore something new, only to realize how hopelessly far I am from exploring everything. A million roads, with a million avenues, a thousand forks in the road. Its a choice I make, to go one way or  another, never fully knowing what lies on the path I didn’t take.” – Ashutosh Adkar

What to Expect from ” Secret Paths of Sahyadri” why should you read “Secret Paths of Sahyadri” ?

Every time a  friend/relative comes to our place (Pune/Mumbai) and asks us “what are the good places to visit in Maharashtra?”. We generally say “ Mahabaleshwar or Lonavala or Malshej or Lavasa”. Trust me friends Maharashtra has a lot more scenic places apart from the above mentioned cliché locations. ” Secret Paths of Sahyadri” is an attempt to take you through those very places, places where you can feel the oneness with nature, places where you don’t find and signs of civilization, places which lets you speak with yourself.

Please click on the links below to experience a particular day.

Request you to wait for the images to load, trust me they are worth the wait, click on the images to view High-res ones.

Day 7: Jungle Bungle


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