Day 2: The Shortened Ride Home

After a superb night of camping we set out to do the rest of our remaining planned route riding through some amazingly green flat lands. Well the day didn’t go as smoothly as we would have expected it to be……..


Overnight Camping ride In North Maharashtra

Ride Date: 26th & 27th July, 2014 Ride. Click. Blog. This is what I my plan for my life is. But somehow due to innumerous other things I couldn’t make time in the last couple of months to document my rides. Often we get so entangled in the worldly responsibilities that we forget the purpose…

The Inertia and the Frictionless Roll

Ride Date: 16th February, 2014 Often we move into Hibernation, and sometimes we get so much deep into hibernation that it becomes difficult for ourselves to get out of it. This Hibernation coupled with worldly responsibilities tend was killing me bit by bit, something had to be done about it, and it needed to be…