Overnight Camping ride In North Maharashtra

Ride Date: 26th & 27th July, 2014




This is what I my plan for my life is. But somehow due to innumerous other things I couldn’t make time in the last couple of months to document my rides.

Often we get so entangled in the worldly responsibilities that we forget the purpose of our lives. But then comes a day when you just can’t bear it anymore and head out. Such was my case. After the 17 day ride across Ladakh I was down on my finances and struggling to breathe from the humongous amount of pending office work. This coupled with the super late arrival of monsoons in Maharashtra kept me away from the rides.

Back to the main story now, a ride was pending, pending big time and this time I wanted to add a bit more adventure to it by camping rather than getting enclosed by concrete walls for our night stay. I haven’t explored Northern Maharashtra much barring a couple of rides and hence decided head there for a 2 day ride. Rahool joined in and so did Chintan and Himanshu, we had two T2 tents which could accommodate 4 people, so we didn’t have room for anyone else now. The plan was simple ride -> camp for the ride-> ride.

The detailed blog would be uploaded soon in two parts.

Day 1: Search For The Perfect Camping Spot
Day 2: The Shortened Ride Home

Till then here is a small teaser from the ride:


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