Ride to the Flowery Valleys

Ride Date: September 14-15, 2013

 “The Monsoons are the best time to visit Maharashtra” you would have heard this from a lot of people. Well that’s true. And that’s the reason why I like to ride throughout Maharashtra during the rains. As mentioned in my last blog (here) that I wanted to spend some time in Kaas and had decided to come back next weekend to click the flowers.

This being a non-working Saturday for me I decided to do a 2-day ride. I planned to spend the first day in Kaas and Thoseghar and then explore areas around Kolhapur in the second day.

This entire ride would be posted in 3 subsequent posts.

Post 1: Would contain brief touristic information and pictures of the Biodiversity found in Kaas. 

Post 2: Would have the Ride part of the first day covering Kaas and Thoseghar and

Post 3: Would cover The Ride report to a surprisingly unknown valley of flowers on the second day.

Here is a pictorial glimpse of what to expect from each of the posts:

Post 1: Flowery Valleys: Kaas – The barricaded Valley of Flowers

Post 2 : Flowery Valleys: Ride to Kaas and Thoseghar

Post 3: Flowery Valleys: Exploring areas around Kolhapur


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