India’s Music Festival – Bacardi NH7 Weekender 2012

The Bacardi NH7 Weekender is on now an I feel pathetic to miss it. I could not attend it this year due to several reasons. However I WAS THERE with my brother, Raja, last year in the Pune Edition and the memories are still fresh. The feeling of being there is all that you carry forward from the festival. It has now emerged as India’s Best Music festival, well to me it is and hands down the junta that comes to attend this makes it more special.

It feels like you have come to a different world altogether, a world which offers you the widest range of choices when it comes to music on the same day, select you stage and listen and groove  or mosh to your kind of Music.  Are you a Rock music fan like me? Then for sure you must have been to the Bacardi Black Rock Arena. A fan of Kailsah Kher and likes? Then its The Dewarists Stage for you, like Electronic Music? Then head to the Eristoff Wolves Den, have some more time, well you can then head to the The Other Stage or the Dub Station or may be The Fully Fantastic Stage. 

The story goes on and on and on… Hope to attend the one Next year… for now sharing a few pics that I clicked in during the 2012 Pune Edition of the NH7 weekender.

The Centre of Attraction
The Center of Attraction

Home Run
Home Run 

The Dewarist Stage
The Dewarist Stage 

Reflection: The Stage for the Dewarist, the beauty of nature portrayed through the clouds and sunset coupled with the reflection made way for a perfect click.

The Bacardi Rock Arena
The Bacardi Rock Arena: My favorite spot in the entire NH7 weekender. The clouds and the sunset along with the bat gives this pic a metalish feeling which I like…

Double Role
Double Role: I am not a electronic music fan, so I choose to stay far away from the stage only to find that my decision has given me opportunity to capture the “Double Role”

Sign of the Horns
Sign of the Horns: We could well give credits to Ronnie James Dio was known for popularizing the sign of the horns… google for more details… 🙂

Identify me
Identify me: It always depends on the way life throws light at you… sometimes you are in focus while sometimes you are nothing but an outline of muscles and bones

In- Focus
In- Focus: I don’t remember the name of the band but this was clicked when they were introducing the band members… well the spotlights surely assisted in making the simple shot look not-so-simple

Gandu Circus
Gandu Circus: Performance by the Kolkata based band ‘Gandu Circus’, you must understand Bengali and should be open minded to enjoy their performance.

The Club

The Club: A view of the Amanora club at night.

Fuzzy: Thats how the world must have looked for most of the people who were on dope in the NH7 weekender.

View from a different Viewpoint
View from a different Viewpoint: When you don’t get to see the stage this is what you should do.


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