A small Solo Ride

25th November 2009

A long ride was due for about 15 days now… so i was contemplating where to go… navendu@xBhp suggested me to go to Mahabaleshwar in the morning. i was not too sure whether the place is worth visiting at this time of the year but he said, the sunrise is good.

Then i thought ki it would be just a 200+ km ride so I extended it by planning to go to Kashid for sunset…

So i decided to take a leave on 25th (nov) and go for the ride as both of us (read me n my steed) were getting desperate 

I planned to start at 400 hrs in the morning, but my habit of getting up late fu#ked me up. when i woke up it was already 5:45, just washed my face n brushed my teeth n left for the ride. i knew it was impossible to reach Mahabaleshwar by sunrise but still i tried hard. couldn’t even reach Panchgani by sunrise 

On reaching panchgani decided to explore the place… this took me to a desolated road. I was feeling too sleepy, do using my gloves as my pillow had a small nap of about 15-20 mins…   Then continued exploring…

Mahabaleshwar didn’t impress me much so I decided not to step down from my bike. Have been to that place many a times so there was nothing much left to explore… so just took a parikrama of the hot spots n continued….

The road till Poladpur was  reached my destination on tym… n had great fun….  here are some pics of the trip…

 photo 14_zpsf6e305be.jpg

 photo 11_zps75818d08.jpg

 photo 15_zps8b8950ea.jpg

 photo 16_zpsdf98a5f1.jpg

 photo 17_zpsc750079d.jpg

 photo 18_zpsa631a582.jpg

 photo 19_zps98984e59.jpg

 photo 110_zps83342f3b.jpg

 photo 111_zps3420c5bd.jpg

 photo 112_zpsc32c1e6c.jpg

 photo 113_zpsf8aeda14.jpg

 photo 114_zps6717b234.jpg

 photo 115_zps415357ed.jpg

 photo 116_zpsb454b05c.jpg

 photo 117_zps7bc46272.jpg

 photo 118_zpsed446a9b.jpg


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