Prologue – Secret Paths of Sahyadri

Everything seems like a dream right now, a casual triplog posted on xbhp changed everything. The submission of the same blog for True Wanderers 2.0. Asking friends to vote, seeing people get 300 votes per day but still sticking to my ethics of not cheating and then making it to the top 10. To be honest I am just one of those who love to travel. Travel to places, places which people don’t visit, may be because they are not there in the ‘guide books’. But for me travelling on two wheels is not just transferring your body mass from one place to another, I believe in getting lost in my travels, travels that get etched in my soul, not just in my journal book. People who know me know this fact very well, and for those who yet don’t know me, here is something for you.


Yes that’s my tattoo, my passions inked for life: Music, Photography, Motorcycling.

I will not go into the details of the first two, but if you see the details in the tattoo concerning motorcycling, you will notice that I am standing on a cliff clicking the sunset. Well thats my idea about motorcycling, to go off the Highways, take roads which people shun may be because they are not as smooth as highways. And this is what I going to do in this ride of mine. WANDER, EXPLORE, RIDE and most importantly FEEL the ride.

My Plan:

Well there is no such thing, but yes I have some idea of what I am going to do in the next 7 days, Enjoy the roads, the open skies, be a true wanderer. I promise to avoid Highways as much as possible.

My preparation for the ride:

I will be carrying Wrangler Apparels gifted to me by, which includes a water-repellent denim, t-shirts and Jacket. I will also carry some gadgets like a DSLR + lenses + tripod, a point and shoot camera, a laptop + data card for blogging my trip live . My luggage also has some medicines, an extra visor for my helmet, a spare key for my bike and a extra pair of glasses. After packing the stuff in my Cramster saddle bags, I get a feeling that I am not well-prepared, but then if you are 100% prepared for everything then there is no fun in it. So I leave the rest to the wills of the almighty.



And before I start off the ride I would like to thank all, who assisted me directly or indirectly to reach this point. I would prefer not to mention names as the list is really long. But trust me all of you played a critical part.


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